Reader Reactions

My question is: When is the sequel being published? I can’t wait to read it. I mean I literally can’t wait to read it. 🙂
–Despina from Washington, D.C.

 I just finished your book last night and loved it so much I felt compelled to tell you! …Your book is so different. I love they way you admire her in your story, not try to imitate her.

i am a self confessed Jane Austen Addict and loved your book! i am having all my friends read it! cant wait for the sequal! 🙂
–a reader from Ottawa, Canada

I could relate to all of this book! I’m number two addict! I will be going to Bath in the next couple of years to follow in Jane’s footstep’s and now yours. I actually have an unopened Jane Austen action figure…with writing desk and quill pen!!!! When I read that in your book, I had to read it to my husband who by the way had to watch the last 1/2 hour of Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth of course)for the 500th time last night! …Thanks for a great reading experience! I’m only sorry I missed your book signings close to me, I would have loved to meet you.
–Lori from Santa Barbara, CA

I adored your book. It was funny and romantic! I am one of those Jane Austen addicts. I own every version of “Pride and Prejudice.” And who knows how many times I have watched them!
–a reader

I recently purchased your book at a book signing at Schuler’s Books in Okemos, Michigan. I just finished the book and I had to tell you – I had the exact same giddy, lighthearted, wonderful feeling that I experience everytime I reach the end of one of Jane’s own stories when i reached the end of your Jane’s (or shall i say Courtney’s) adventure. Thank you for a wonderful look into her life and a just plain good book! I loved it, and thanks again for coming to Michigan. Can’t wait for the sequel.
–Jenni from Michigan

 …I suffer from CSGD (Chronic Sentimental Goose Disorder). I guess I was born that way….You’d think that the busy life in which I’ve been trying to be everything to everyone would have cured me from it for eternity. Thankfully, it hasn’t. That’s actually what keeps me going…. That’s why I have responded with triple enthusiasm to your book. I read it in one sitting, savoring your delicious wit and humor, feeling my knees weaken every time Edgeworth looked into Jane’s eyes…your book made my disorder even worse….., enjoying it as much as You-Know-Whose novels themselves. Did I say I reread it in two days (life must go on…) the following week?
–Magda from Montana

I absolutely adored the book… your book delighted me from the first page and I found that I could not put it down. …Please, please write another one.
–a reader

I think this is the first time I have ever written to an author….I feel like I’ve just read one of Miss Austen’s books; I am sad I finished it, and I feel rotten that I have to go back to another mundane modern novel. So please, keep writing. 
–Mary from Pasadena

Hello! I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I got my hands on it when an advance reading proof got delivered to my bookstore in Amherst, Mass. As soon as I saw it, I pounced on it and then became a social recluse for a few days until I had finished it.
–Scooter from Amherst, MA