Reader Reactions

I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the sequel.
–Carolyn from Los Angeles

I thought the scene where Jane gets to meet Jane was just a brilliant idea and scene, very funny and exactly how I would have reacted.

I read almost the whole thing in one night in the bathtub. Great chapter breaks, they just led so seamlessly from one to the next with me wanting more. Interesting twist of an idea…

I just finished reading this book… I am hooked. I want more.
–Debby from Ontario

“I loved Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and am all anticipation for the new novel.”

After reading it, it became one my top favorite books.
–Desiree from Illinois

I totally loved every second of it.

It is one my top suggested favs! And as a fellow Austin Addict, I’m eagerly awaiting the next! AHH! I’m so excited! (I just found out right now. :P)

“Laurie I loved your book… I read it in one day.”

I’ve read this book TWICE. So funny. Loved it!

Holy moly i cannot wait another day! I must buy this book the day it comes out!! Im soo stoked!

The ironic tone that runs through the whole book keeps me continually on the edge of glee.