New Year’s Resolutions: doomed to fail, or an excellent idea?

I’m usually not one for New Year’s resolutions. Probably because I tend to fail at them. But is it the inherent concept of a New Year’s resolution which is at fault? Or is it the nature of my particular resolutions?


This piece in Forbes has some insights into those questions, suggesting that resolutions tend to be unrealistic and/or punishing, and thus we inadvertently sabotage our real chance at making positive change.

Because of course, we can change. I truly believe that with all my heart. If we want badly enough to make a change, and if we make our goals tangible and doable, one bit at a time, practicing till we master and perfect, then of course we can and will and do change.

My resolutions? To finish the novel I’m working on and then immediately start working on the next one. Actually, I’d already started working on the next one (and the one after that, and the one after that), but I forced myself to stop working on all but one so that I could focus on finishing one instead of having four works in progress. (Working on four novels at once is is really fun; however, dividing my energies between four works in progress tends to slow down the finishing process, at least for at least for this writer.)

Anyhow, the focus on one novel really supercharged the work, and thus I am well into the home stretch. In addition, right after New Year’s, I began a strict new time-management structure for every day of the week, not just for writing, but for everything else that I do. I’m loving it. And so is my writing.

Wishing you a happy, successful, and productive new year!

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