The 818 Now

Meeting the author

Aug 21st, 2009
Written by Joyce Rudolph

I took a dinner break from editing Thursday night to check out a book signing event sponsored by the Friends of the Glendale Public Library. The guest was Laurie Viera Rigler talking on her book “Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict.” I receive tons of books in the mail. We only review books by Glendale and Burbank authors, so those from out of town authors usually are placed on the break room table for our staff to read. But I’m a Jane Austen addict myself, and I couldn’t resist taking this gem home. And I’m glad I did. The premise is that the main character from Austen’s time period falls off her horse and wakes up in 2009. What’s interesting is how Rigler weaves in all the comparisons to the two time periods. I didn’t get to shake her hand, because the line for her autograph was too long and I had to get back to writing my own story, but it was fun being on the other side of the fence, a reader instead of writer. One of the questions posed to her was does her editor ask her to take characters out of the book or change the ending. She said she did take one minor character out of this book, at her editor’s suggestion. And she has a clause in her contract with the publisher that changing the ending is a deal breaker — she won’t do it. She also said that her editors have always been kind in their notes regarding her changes. And she tries to keep in mind the saying “What if I were to change this, what would I do” and by keeping an opening mind, she sees how sometimes it does improve the book. Interesting too was her husband, her own Mr. Darcy, was accompanying her. How romantic! Sigh!