Signs of Addiction

Here are your signs of addiction, some of which appeared in our inbox, and others which were posted as comments when our Top Ten Signs of Addiction appeared as our guest post on the For Romance Readers blog. Thanks, all! Keep them coming!!

“I’m afraid I once got far too excited when standing outside The Red Lion in Lacock, which stood in for the Meryton Assembly in P&P ‘95, thinking ‘Mr. Darcy got out of his carriage right here!’ If only I’d thought it and not said it out loud 🙁 Once my non AA friends had got over their laughter, I seem to remember we had a lovely meal in the pub. Not a Regency hero or heaving bosom to be seen though … And then there was the time my long-suffering hubby took me on a P&P inspired tour to Derbyshire 🙂 …”
–author Georgia Hill

“I’d just love a time machine please – preferably with Mr Darcy at the controls!”
–author Jenna Dawlish

“A time machine would be great with Colin Firth at the helm!”
–Lynn M

“On my Google favorites toolbar I have “Jane A Only”…only Austen blogs are allowed in that folder for faster browsing.”
–Lynn M

“You never pulled an all-nighter in college in order to finish homework… but you did pull an all-nighter to finish that long fabulous fanfic you were reading at the Derbyshire Writers Guild…”

“You actually know which adaptations P&P0, P&P1, P&P2, and P&P3 refer to. In addition, you have the problem of constantly wanting to refer to the 1995 miniseries as P&P2 to people WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS…”

“each time I start Mansfield Park I truly hope and wish that Henry Crawford will turn into a good guy.”
–Beth Elliott

“I told my husband I wanted to go to the festival in Bath and he thought I was insane. My 10-year-old daughter is an Austen addict in the making and thinks it would be a lot of fun!”

“My poor house hasn’t had a real cleaning since I found Jane.”

“You know you are a JA Addict when:
Your screensaver displays one of the following:
1. Matthew MacFadyen
2. Colin Firth
3. Keira Knightley
4. Jennifer E.
5. Or Chatsworth House:)”