Signs of Addiction

“JA Addicts are easily recognized…
Most people lovingly carry around photos of their spouses/significant others/Kids/Pets.
A JA addict on the other hand, will lovingly carry around photos of Matthew MacFadyen or Colin Firth:)”

“I have triplets (2 boys and 1 girl)…My daughter’s name is Emma, Colin is my first son and my second son is named after my husband…Our dog is named Mr. Darcy Dog….shall I go on?”
–Susan Manzi

“I may not be an Austen addict YET, but that’s only due to lack of exposure to the “drug”. I’m absolutely Austen-curious and fully intend to turn my curiosity into a habit, my habit into an obsession and my obsession into an addiction. Can’t wait!”
–Ms. Dawn

“you are addicted to JA if you started to be like elizabeth (being outgoing and lively when you’re really shy…) just because you want to have a mr. darcy..”

“You have worn out your 10th copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.”
–Anda Alexander

“You selected your spouse on the basis of his asking you to dance, his knowledge of muslin, his wit, and his kindness to his sister.”
–Miriam Rheingold Fuller

“You are NOT obsessed with Jane Austen; you are simply utterly and completely devoted to her. Which is as it should be.”
–Miriam Rheingold Fuller

“You arranged a research trip to England with the (secret) primary goal of visiting as many Jane sites as possible.”
–Miriam Rheingold Fuller

“When you stepped over the doorway at Chawton House, you began to weep.”
–Miriam Rheingold Fuller

“You have all six of Jane Austen’s major works on your iPod. In fact, they were the first things you downloaded, way before you started filling it with music.”

“You might even find yourself painting images of characters from the novels (or the movies) on Easter eggs. The head of Mr. Collins (David Bamber from the 1995 miniseries) makes a fine decoration.”

“Apart from all six JA Novels on your iPod, you also download the soundtrack of the 1995 version or other preferred version AND as many country dances, as you can find.”
–Annette from Germany

Did you know that someone actually conducted a survey of Austen addicts and published the results? Click here to see if we really do fit the stereotype of teacher/librarian/cat-lover/tea-drinker.