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I have done nothing whatsoever on this weekend other than drink tea, eat cherries and read this book. The final chapter finished, I sighed, happily wiped my misty eyes, and must now return to my tarnished thimble.
–a reader from Los Angeles

It’s brilliant! I must confess I’ve been reading it at work this morning, after reading it far too late into the night yesterday after it arrived, and then this morning whilst walking to the metro. I can’t thank you enough for writing it. xxx

“So how ’bout I keep waking up hoping that the time-travel-body-switchy thing happens to me…”

“OMG i’m soooo excited for your book…I just read Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict again for like the bajilllionth time!”

When I finished reading Confessions, I started it over again… I LOVE the fortune teller’s wise words! Oooh, do they hit the spot!

Your book completely captured what I think everyone must daydream about – waking up as someone else in a different time period. Your book was fantastic…I read it as soon as I got home and then had to call up my mother in Rochester and inform her that she needed to order it for the library she works at, if they didn’t have it already.

It was a lovely and satisifying ending! …I loved it so much that I am starting it again. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love your novel… I read this wonderful story in a single sitting, wondering from page to page whether you know my thoughts, because I quite often think exactly like your heroine. 
–Anna from Germany

Brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You nailed it. You didn’t try to “be” Jane and I appreciated that. But Jane was on every page.
–Jane from Austin, Texas

I work as a Book Seller with a very large company… I am always telling people my thoughts about the book and Let me tell you MANY have bought your book and they come back to me at the store and tell me how wonderful and delightful the book was…You just don’t know how much your book meant to me , I read it when I was with my daughter Morgan in the hospital. She had to have Spinal Fusion , and that was a Long operation, 9 hrs. she was 9 when she had this operation. …It really helped take my mind off of what was happening that day and many other days after that. 
–Angela from Florida

Thank you… for the down-to-earth view of the period in question. It was gorgeous, to be sure, if we judge from the writings of certain female novelists and period paintings. But the other side also has to be addressed, and I think your book does an excellent job in getting people to see the smelly, uncomfortable and highly restricted (for women) side as well…
–Christine from Germany

Too bad Courtney was having so many now-and-then relationship problems that she couldn’t really explore and embrace the culture of 19th century England more fully – excluding cupping, sores, fleas, and bed bugs!
–Leslie from Ontario, Canada

I finished “confessions” in 2 days. I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your book and will reread it many times, I know…. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful book!

I just wanted to write and say that I love your book! … My mom will be getting a copy for Christmas!! I was curious as to when the sequel would be coming out? … Thank you for quite a few wonderful nights with you splendid characters!
–a reader

I love Confessions! I have both the book and the audiobook. 
–Melissa from Georgia