Reader Reactions

“I LOVED Rude Awakenings.”

“Your books were the perfect excuse to not clean my house, make dinner, rake the leaves, or get off the couch!”

“I cannot tell you how very much I liked Jane’s story when she inhabited Courtney’s body in modern times. She was a true heroine.”

Dear Laurie, I’m your great italian fan !!! I love Jane Austen and I love your beautiful books !!!! You’re GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ …I send You the italian cover of your beautiful, amazing book “Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict” ..”In viaggio con Jane Austen!”
–Vanessa from Milano, Italy

“one of the most enjoyable books I have read.”

” I finished Rude Awakenings in a day, which is an impressive feat for me thanks to my slow reading speed and my busy schedule as a Ph.D. student.”

“listening to rude awakenings now, big fan, laugh all the way to work. Would love to see movie made from both books, any nibbles? Always fun to look at oneself and society from an alien perspective. Thanks for your hard work.”


“I was laughing so loud and often that my husband told me the entire neighborhood could hear me. I couldn’t help it..
I can’t wait for your next one!”

–Lisa in Minneapolis

“Didn’t want them to end!”

Inhaled your books and loved them. Fabulous idea and loved reading both sides of the story.

“Cant wait for the next one, Your books are like Brain Candy !”

” also got into the late bad habit staying up reading your new book…but it was well worth it!!”

“If anything, this is even better-love the humor of our modern gear being introduced to Jane!!!”

“Loved it! And to think I have to wait for your next book…”

“I read Rude Awakenings the fastest I have read any book, ever!…I could not put it down.”