Favorite Silly Bits

Thug Notes: The Hunger Games

Thug Notes does A Christmas Carol

Lady Mary's packing heat

Thug Notes: Pride and Prejudice

Downton Abbey Vogues

Uptown Downstairs Abbey, Part 1

Uptown Downstairs Abbey, Part 2

Pride and Prejudice in 2 Minutes

Pride and Prejudice in 100 Seconds

Pride and Prejudice meets the Ministry of Silly Walks (profanity)

Northanger Abbey horror trailer

Fight Club, Austen style

Jane Austen Drinking Game

Mr. Darcy, The Chaser

Mr. Darcy's other domestic pursuits

Jane Austen for Men, the trailer

Pride and Prejudice Rap

Regency Barbie

Emma and the party at the Coles, an AP Lit project

Plots and Proposals, a parody of BBC costume dramas

Nibbles the Cartoon Cat Reads Ch.1 of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, with a Vengeance

The Novelizationalist with Brian Cox