Reader Reactions

Just loved your ‘confessions…’ Heard it on my iPod when I enjoyed the warm sun this weekend in Sweden!
–Liv from Denmark

It hooked me from first page (which I can never say) and I read it in a week because I was unable to put it down. Would even go home for lunch to read.

I have a smile on my face recalling your book!
–Gail from New Jersey

Your take on the story is spectacular at the very least…I absolutely love that you have brought the filth, odors, and bad teeth into the mix. Most of us don’t ever consider the realism of the era, but only see the romanticism. …I hope to read MUCH more of your work…Thank you for what you have written!!!
–Sharon from Scottsdale

I read it in one sitting as I too am an addict! (My poor family!) Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it — found myself LOL often and cheering for Charles even when he is presumed not worthy… Anyway, congrats on this book! It’s a keeper!
— Christina from Seattle

When I started Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, I thought I had only a few minutes to read a chapter… hours later, I have just now finished it! I absolutely loved it! …Just the right amount of Jane-isms and nods to colds and dirty mornings and seductions and… I could go on and on. It was delightful! I am sure I will spend time with your book again. Thank you for writing it!

I just recently started reading books on time travel, and this book just hit the spot. The ending blew me away, as I never saw it coming, although thinking back, it was there!

I finished reading your wonderful book in one sitting…I laughed, I cried…I loved every page. What a wonderful concept for writing the book…thanks for giving this to us!!
–Sherry from Toronto