Essential Oils for Writing and Living: “expression” by dharmaceuticals

I could write a book on all the uses I have for essential oils, and writing is a big one. Productivity, creativity, flow, and focus are just a few of the things I need in my writing life, and I have essential oil blends to help me with all of them. 

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Have you ever tried to write a scene or a post or a proposal and can’t figure which angle to approach it from, or you can’t find the right words or the right tone?

Have you ever wanted to email or text or talk about something—especially if it’s a difficult subject—and you can’t seem to get it out? Or you’re afraid you’ve said too much?

Have you ever felt that way in a social situation—worried that you don’t know how to make small talk or you’re coming off too reserved or you’ve revealed more to a total stranger than you should have done?

My answer would be yes, yes, and yes.

Here’s expression diffusing with my Muji diffuser on the file cabinet right next to my desk.

And then I met expression. Love at first scent. This blend of essential oils is always in my writer’s toolbox. It’s made a huge difference in my writing life, and in my life, period. In fact, it’s diffusing next to my desk as I write this.

The magic of it is in freeing the voice to find the perfect mode of expression and fortifying the confidence to say what needs to be said—nothing more, and nothing less. It’s liberating and deeply satisfying.

I diffuse expression so that it’s always enveloping my workspace in its beautiful scent. And when I need an extra boost, I put a drop or two at the base of my throat. Which also turns it into the most amazing perfume. I breathe it in. And let expression flow.

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